VA ignored whistleblowers’ complaints of spinal-cord infections at N.H. medical center


A Department of Veterans Affairs medical center in New Hampshire had a “sluggish” response to whistleblowers’ complaints of substandard care, including as many as 80 patients who developed serious spinal-cord disease from clinical neglect, a federal whistleblower agency reported Thursday.

The Office of the Special Counsel said the VA did not take “substantive” action to correct the problems for more than seven months, and acted only after the  Boston Globe published articles alleging that the facility in Manchester was endangering patients.

“It is critical that whistleblowers be able to have confidence that the VA will address public health and safety issues immediately, regardless of what news coverage an issue receives,” Special Counsel Henry Kerner wrote to President Trump.  VA ignored whistleblowers’ complaints of spinal-cord infections at N.H. medical center

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