Nurse’s aide at top VA hospital played video games instead of checking patient. That patient died.


What happened?
Bill Nutter, 68, had just lost his second leg to diabetes and suffered from arrhythmia, which could stop his heart without warning, the paper said.
The Vietnam veteran’s family found a place for him at Bedford (Massachusetts) VA Medical Center, the Globe said, adding that the Veterans Administration ranked it as one of its best hospitals — a five-star rating.
After Nutter was found dead the morning of July 3, 2016, the paper said a doctor told his widow that a night-shift staffer failed to check on him hourly according to doctors’ instructions.
The aide, Patricia Waible, later admitted she was playing video games and didn’t check on Nutter at all — but the confession happened only after an investigator told her video cameras showed she never left her computer the entire shift, the Globe reported, citing an individual with firsthand knowledge.  Nurse’s aide at top VA hospital played video games instead of checking patient. That patient died.

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