After crushing her ankle in a fall during ropes training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, April Wood for years sought relief from the pain she endured after leaving the Army in 2004.

Doctors with the Department of Veterans Affairs ultimately determined that the only way to get rid of her pain was to amputate her leg a few inches below the knee.

But less than a year after the amputation, officials at the VA hospital in Togus, where she was initially treated, called her in to admit that her care there was substandard and the reason for her amputation was, at least in part, due to the poor care she had received at the Maine VA hospital, which has 230 doctors and serves 42,000 veterans annually.  Maine veterans given substandard care are told it’s too late to sue

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Veteran threatened to kill congressman, massacre police, feds say
A Millville veteran angry over his treatment by government officials threatened to kill a congressman, his staff, and any police officers who would try to arrest him, federal officials said.

Veterans Affairs may assist you in receiving vocational rehabilitation, employment services and education and career counseling to help with job training, employment accommodations,  development and job seeking skills 

Veterans are concerned about their health because of toxins they were exposed to in the Middle East.

Forty nine percent of those aging veterans age 65 ((WW2, Korea, Vietnam and even younger veterans, from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts in the coming decades), are at greater risk for Alzheimer’s compared to 15 

Low-impulse electrical brain stimulation may help improve neural function in patients who have mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) with persistent post-concussion symptoms, according to a new pilot study by researchers at 

The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a proposed rule that would allow VA providers to treat patients in any state via telehealth, regardless of where they are licensed to practice.

The Veterans Crisis Line — which has been criticized for calls rolling to voicemail, dropped calls and veterans put on hold for long periods — received a glowing report Friday.

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