Yesterday, the Minnesota appellate court reversed its longstanding position on veterans benefits and will no longer award ex-spouses a portion of disability compensation.

Attorney Francis White argued the pro-veteran position supporting the Congressional mandate that veterans’ disability compensation payments are not marital property. The case, Berberich v Mattson, overruled previous case law that erroneously affirmed that veterans disability compensation monies could be awarded to an ex-spouse in a divorce.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals issued its decision in Berberich v. Mattson, 2017 Minn. App. LEXIS 122, which restored to a retired Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) the full measure of the Disability Compensation.

Latest News for Vets

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Veterans Affairs may assist you in receiving vocational rehabilitation, employment services and education and career counseling to help with job training, employment accommodations,  development and job seeking skills 

Veterans are concerned about their health because of toxins they were exposed to in the Middle East.

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