After a wait-time scandal, it was supposed to be a program that helped veterans get access to faster, more convenient access to medical care.

However, several years since implementation, the WBZ-TV I-Team found the Veterans Choice program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) continues to have issues.

Problems include a confusing appointment process, community health care providers not getting paid, and veterans being harassed by bill collectors.  VA Problem

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A medical foster home provides “a smaller, more intimate level of care” for veterans who can no longer live independently, Lewis explained. Residents have private or semi-private rooms and get assistance with meals, medications, laundry, cleaning, personal grooming and other daily needs. Some homes even allow pets.

Today’s veterans, Family members and health care providers are keenly aware of post traumatic stress disorder and the importance in veterans seeking help. Unfortunately, many veterans suffer in silence, which not only hurts them, but their Families as 

 A local Navy vet and his wife are desperate, after the monthly VA checks that they use to pay bills suddenly stopped.

On Sept. 14, the Department of Veterans Affairs quietly announced that it will waive a common-sense ethics law for all of its employees. For over 50 years, the VA has prohibited employees from receiving payments or having 

Democrats on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee skipped out on what The Military Times described as a “supposedly friendly roundtable discussion” over how to reform the Veterans Affairs agency. 

The former president of the now-defunct National Vietnam Veterans Foundation has been sentenced to five months in jail followed by five months of home detention for embezzling from the organization.

Dirty floors, unclean kitchens and dusty vents were found by 

The Veterans Health System of the Ozarks didn't follow updated 

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