Vets May Now Be Able To Get Higher Disability Ratings For Service-Connected Injuries


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House considers major changes to VA health care
 Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin argued Tuesday that a House plan for veterans’ health care was too restrictive and wouldn’t offer enough veterans the choice of private-sector care.

Gulf War veteran on Mesa's crisis response team helps fellow veterans through crises
“I see myself in every single one of them; when I’m talking to a veteran that's got a gun and wants to end it all, I see the person that spoke to me when I was ready to do it,” said Gulf War veteran David Campbell. 

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Are you eligible for more VA benefits? New web matrix explains primary, derivative benefits
At the Veterans Benefits Administration, we often come in contact with people who ask, What are my benefits? What am I eligible for? Or, I receive X benefit, but what other benefits can I use?

Cerner EHR project for VA will take 7 to 8 years, Shulkin says
While the launch of the new EHR to replace the outdated VistA system will take just 18 months, the whole system overhaul will take much longer.

VA finalizes plan to demote Brockton man for Facebook post
The Brockton man who was embroiled in controversy for a social media comment, directed at Patriots players kneeling during the national anthem, was officially demoted on Monday from his leadership position at the VA Providence Regional Benefit Office.

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World War II Vet Inks Settlement on Long-Awaited Benefits
Some 70 years after Celestino Almeda helped the United States liberate the Philippines from Japanese occupation, bureaucratic red tape has kept the World War II veteran fighting for recognition of his service.
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VA touts private health care for vets but cost issues linger
Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin touted an overhaul plan Tuesday to give veterans even wider access to outside doctors than under its troubled Choice 

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