Veteran dies by suicide outside Cleveland VA hospital Monday, lawmakers demand action
 A veteran killed himself outside the Veterans Affairs medical center in Cleveland on Monday – the fourth veteran suicide at a VA facility this month –
Marine vet congressman rejects Ocasio-Cortez's claim of the VA not being broken
Rep. Seth Moulton, Mass., a Marine veteran and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, says he disagrees with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's, D-N.Y., claim the Department of Veterans Affairs operates smoothly.

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If you want to see the legal logjam facing the highflying cannabis industry, meet the 36-year-old retired U.S. Army Major Tye Reedy.

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As a chief warrant officer, he traveled the world protecting military leaders. 
Garbus never battled on the front lines, but he still heard plenty of gunfire and was required to qualify his shooting skills every three months.
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 A new technology is working to prevent veteran suicides, and aims to be a lifeline for those who've served when they need it. 
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you understand the Bible for Free.
An Iraq War veteran who is not a U.S. citizen is facing deportation to Mexico over a felony conviction unless an immigration judge decides to let him stay in the United States.
A U.S. Army veteran's plot to detonate improvised explosive devices in a large-scale terror attack in Los Angeles was thwarted by federal law enforcement officials, according to court documents unsealed Monday. 
The Complex VA Claims Process

Secondary Service Connection VA Disability

The Supreme Court granted a 30-day extension to Department of Justice officials contemplating an appeal of a lower court ruling in January which extended presumptive benefits to tens of thousands of Navy veterans who have claimed exposure to toxic chemical defoliants during the Vietnam War.