Meet the Veterans' Voice Team
  1. Tony Fialkowski
    Tony Fialkowski
    Viet Vet Retired Electrician IBEW #41 Life member NRA, DAV ,VFW & USMC Scout/Sniper Assoc
  2. Marnie Mowles
    Marnie Mowles
    Proud wife of a USMC 100% Total & Permanent disabled combat Vietnam Veteran. He served two tours in Nam with the 1/9, also known as ,"The Walking Dead."
  3. Clairice Still Minkler
    Clairice Still Minkler
    Publisher, editor and proud Mom of two who serve.

 "THE VETERANS' VOICE" is an independent, grassroots publication founded  in 1998 as a quarterly newspaper dedicated to all Veterans past and present. Since that time we have grown tremendously. We  distribute nationally to VA facilities, outpatient clinics, Vet centers,VSO's, elected officials and individual subscribers. 

  "THE VETERANS' VOICE" is dedicated to our nation's Veterans and her active duty military personnel. We believe that the veteran alone has EARNED the right to healthcare and taxpayer support through their service to our country and her freedom. We know that the only way to ensure that they get what is their just due is to be certain they have a voice. We endeavor to be that voice.