Emery McClendon

  When the Founders gave us the blueprint for our government they envisioned a Congress where those elected would serve for a short time,  represent the people that sent them to Washington DC, then return home to be replaced by new people that would do the same.

 They did not expect that representation to flip flop on us, and turn into a "do as we legislate" form of government, nor for most of what happens in Congress to be for selfish gain by those sent there.

  Those whose go to Congress have become elite members of a club that exempts themselves from the laws that they force us to live by. They have also given themselves ridiculous perks and slush funds,most of which have been kept secret.

  They have gotten away with this mainly because citizens have been complacent and have not held them accountable.

  If we are to restore our Republic we must return to the Founders 'Original Intent" and each citizen must show an interest in what goes on in government.  It begins locally and involves us becoming active in all levels of our government.

 In the truest sense, we have no one to blame except ourselves. 

 Movements have risen over the past decade or so to restore and save our Republic, but have been mainly supported by a small percentage of true Patriots who have sacrificed to bring us back on course.

  America is faced with threats from within, as well as externally. It is because of these threats that we must also maintain a strong military, and respect and honor those who serve in our Armed Forces.

  If we want to ensure a bright future for this great nation, we must wake up and smell the freedom that we have been blessed with as citizens of this great experiment in liberty.

  We are at a tipping point,and the time for a true revival is now. May the Grace of God stir our hearts to action.

  We have come a long way, but the path to losing our Foundation was never the plan of those who gave us America.

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Emery McClendon
Emery McClendon
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