VA CIO: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

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Overseeing arguably the largest health IT modernization effort at the Department of Veterans Affairs, recently appointed VA CIO James Gfrerer is working to improve the tools and services that veterans, like himself, can access as VA health care patients.
Application Programming Interfaces

Among those efforts is the VA’s Lighthouse program, an application programming interface (API) framework that grants the use of VA data with veteran’s consent to third-party developers. Gfrerer, who also serves as the assistant secretary for VA’s OIT, noted APIs allow VA to “partner more with the rest of the community” and build more services that help veterans, he said at ACT-IAC’s Health IT Innovation event this month.
One way APIs are being used at the VA is in the creation of apps that make it simpler for veterans to schedule appointments, Gfrerer said.

Emerging Technology
The VA is also using AI to analyze data on 6 million-plus veterans enrolled in the VA's health care system and tap into a lot of undiscovered health care potential. The technology would support a range of VA’s other projects.

VA CIO: Where We've Been and Where We're Going


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