Why Are Vietnam Vets, Families Still Waiting for VA Caregiver Benefits?

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Disabled Vietnam War veteran Bill Czyzewski joins about 150 other disabled veterans in a 2016 cycling event at Gettysburg, Pa. Although Congress passed a bill to provide benefits for caregivers of such veterans, about $55 billion in funding must be found. (DoD photo/EJ Hersom).

"I just think it's very unfair, the inequity of it all. You give up so much," Donna Joyner said of the wall put up by Congress at the Department of Veterans Affairs that has separated one generation of family caregivers to disabled veterans from another.

Joyner, the wife and caregiver to her husband, triple amputee Vietnam veteran Dennis Joyner, has been among the thousands who are ineligible for training and modest stipends under the VA Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers program that was limited to post-9/11 veterans by a law passed in 2010.
Why Are Vietnam Vets, Families Still Waiting for VA Caregiver Benefits?

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