Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Will the U.S. Military be Coming for the Old Men and Women?

 Major Van Harl USAF Ret

 Military retirement came to me at the age of thirty-nine. There have been twenty-four years of not wearing the Air Force uniform on active duty. In my dreams, I have, however, put it on many a time.

There is this reoccurring dream where the Air Force recalls me to active duty with plans to put me to work defending the nation. The interesting thing is in my dreams, I am usually the thirty-something major in my freshly starched and ironed battle dress uniform. The age is much younger and the weight is much lighter than real life. Until the other night I was never my actual real age, but that has changed. In my latest dream, I was sixty-three years old putting on the Air Force's current camouflage patterned uniform and sitting in on, in-processing briefings at the local air base, right along with new baby Airmen arriving at their first permanent duty assignment.

For fifteen years after I retired from the Air Force I continued to live on Air Force Bases as I followed my active duty wife to numerous new assignments. In my dreams being on the airbase was not that odd, just being there in the most recent one as an old man in uniform really got my attention.

The driving factor to this change in my dream paradigm came after I had a long conversation with a credible source who works for the US Army, and in the conversation, he advised me the Army is working up procedures for recalling old, and really old Army retirees. If the Army is openly thinking about this issue then you must consider the idea that all of the Department of Defense branches are planning for the same concept. We recalled military retirees well beyond the age of sixty during WWII. They were not put on the front lines, but they served for the duration of the war just like the youngsters did. More than one sexagenarian died for his country in WWII. Remember, General George Patton was sixty when he died during that war. In 2018 we have a couple of issues that will affect our readiness for combat. Our ability to swiftly generate tens of thousands of new battle-ready troops after plucking them, only weeks before off the streets of American civilian life. That will not happen in a vacuum. None of this happens without seasoned leadership. We have a draft, but our great nation stopped using it in 1973.

We have three generations of Americans who have not feared the draft, or considered how being forced into the armed services would impact their “safe” lives. Of course, we have opened all military jobs and career fields to women, but they are not subject to the draft. Even if you send in the SWAT teams and rounded up all the eighteen-year-olds in the high schools, and ship them off to basic military training, you still need trained and experienced NCOs and officers to lead them. You can't make master sergeants and majors overnight. What you can do is force a bunch of old senior NCOs and officers who are enjoying their well-earned retirement, back into uniform. We are going to be recalling the old men and women of the retired military. DOD is going to force those NCOs and officers currently on active duty to stay on active duty. They will not to be allowed to retire or separate from the military–this is coming.

The US has headed for a war that our nation is not ready for, and cannot even imagine what is potentially going to happen. China is running out of land. They have too many people and they have screwed up their own real estate so they want ours. China needs land to house its people, and land to generate food to feed it's overpopulation. China does not want Las Angeles or New York City, China wants Iowa and the surrounding states and Canadian provinces. There is a reason their current leader Xi Jinping studied in Muscatine, Iowa and speaks very good English. The Chinese eat corn and where does the corn grow tall in the US? Xi Jinping has changed Chinese law so that he will be allowed to remain in office indefinitely. For those of you old enough to remember President F.D. Roosevelt, he was in his third term as president of the US at the start of WWII and was elected to an unheard of fourth term during the war.

The alleged scare factor the Democrats sold our nation during a time of war was, the US could not handle a change of political regime in the middle of WWII. Of course, FDR was pretty much ineffective his last year and we still won the war after he died in office. The point is that China knows what is coming, Xi Jinping is a very effective leader and the Red Chinese leadership is gearing up for a major combat operation, so no, they do not want to change leaders any more than the 1943 Democrats. Many of those last three generations of non-drafted Americans do not have a healthy fear of their government. They also do not necessarily have an understanding of what the 2nd Amendment is truly about.

They do not fear a tyrannical government like I do. What they fear is that their big government is not going to be able to save them from evil. Whether that evil is nukes coming from North Korea or mentally disturbed people shooting up a high school. As an old retired policeman, I have asked the question many times “why do you think you have the right to expect I will risk my life to come and save you in time of crisis? What are you doing to mitigate your risk of injury and death when evil appears in your presence?“

When the Twin Towers fell in New York on 9-11, I was teaching high school. I tried to explain the US draft system to my students. One of my “tough-guy” freshman, who prior to 9-11 kept telling the class he was going to join the Marines after high school, stood on his desk and yelled, “they cannot make me go in the Army”. He told us, “it is a free county, and they cannot make me fight”.

Those who are not old, and currently do not harbor a fear of their government will most assuredly develop a new found understanding of the power of politics, and just how little the individual can really do to resist if they disagree. Now, to be honest, us old American veterans could develop a heightened sense of political awareness when that official government letter arrives telling us to report to the nearest military base. We would be expected to show up, and be ready to assume our old leadership roles. We would also be expected to understand, without question, our country is headed for another shooting war that will consume a lot of Americans, young and old. Should all the above come about, there will be combat destruction on US soil and that will lead to a break down in our society. Our power grid will be one of the first targets to come under in-country attack.

Those who do not believe you should own a firearm will be sucking hind lady cow parts real quick. Turn off the electricity and you turn off the money. When the electronic money stops working, life gets real unpleasant overnight. I hope in the future my dreams go back to me being a good-looking, thin, young major, in a fresh uniform and spit-shined jump boots. Because, if I have to go back on active duty at my age the world will be a very ugly place. The word “safe,” and the term “safe-spaces” will be a dream found only in your fox-hole when you pass out from combat exhaustion. If you believe the new trade tariffs that President Trump is imposing is in fact about fair trade you would be wrong.

This is about forcing our steel industry back in the high capacity production game. You cannot fight a war without steel, and you cannot buy steel from your enemy. The Red Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians will come together like the Axis force of 1941. I do not know if the conflict will start in Korea, against NATO or an attack on Israel, but it will come and then it will morph into a three-front war. The US cannot fight a two-front war, how the heck do we fight and win a three front war? Life is not fair and I believe the Red Chinese are fixing to give the world an up-close demonstration of just how unfair things can get.

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. – Thomas Jefferson 

 Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl
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