When I was a young boy, back in the 1930’s, we didn’t have a telephone because we were poor. We lived on a ranch in Colorado a good part of our early years and on rare occasions were taken to town in the wagon or the horse drawn sled to get supplies and it was my pleasure to watch people in Hayden, CO operate the telephone which sat on the store counter. Someone would pick up the ear piece and clap it to their ear, then crank the handle on the base a turn or two and I would hear them talking to the operator who always responded with the words,“number please”. I was fascinated by this modern machine. 

  When I was a teenager we had a telephone of our own, and it was so modern it came in several colors, equipped with much better sound and easier dialing.

There was a “speed dialing feature” on one of our neighbors telephones which irritated their Grandpa, because he was “hard- of- hearing and slow- of –dialing” in his waning years.

  The other evening my phone rang several times, but by the time I had arrived at the  no one was on the line. I checked the number which had called and returned a call to my daughter’s number, just to be sure she was alright.

  She explained that she had accidentally “butt dialed” me when she sat on her fancy new”touchie-feely- cell phone” and she explained how the device operates. I was somewhat amazed and also amused as  I wondered how my old Great Grandpa Charlie would have handled this amazing situation. Grandpa would not believe someone could “dial a phone with their butt,” I was going to make this story longer ~Butt~ my phone is ringing!

Bruce Salisbury-MSGT, USAF Retired 

Your Telephone Did What? 

 Bruce Salisbury-MSGT, USAF Retired 
Bruce Salisbury
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