What benefits do you get from a VA Disability claim?  How to File


There are several major categories of VA benefits you can get when you file a VA Disability claim. One category is what is called the “Non-Service Connected Pension” which is available to extremely low-income veterans with disabilities.  Another category is education benefits. A third category is burial benefits. A fourth category is health care benefits.  And the category that is the focus of this post – and the Veterans Law Blog – is disability compensation for diseases, conditions, and disabilities that had their origin in military service.

 (Note that you do not need to show that military service CAUSED the disability – Congress long ago recognized that Veterans should get benefits even if a disease or disability that wasn’t caused BY service has its origins IN service.

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For Those Special Cases of Unemployability
For those special veterans like Butch C. from Missouri, a few words about a federal regulation of the VA called 38 CFR 4.16, or the extra scheduler benefit.   
  Butch is a Viet Nam veteran who represents many veterans that get stuck between reality and hard regulations. However, Butch is both smart and articulate.  First, he found some skilled service officers who have worked with him. Second he did his homework well; he learned the regs.
10 Tips to Help You Keep the Compensation and Pension Exam (C&P exam) in Perspective
#1 Every C&P Exam has 2 Goals.
  The first goal is to have the doctor confirm that your injury, disability, or limitations are related to your military service – to prove the Nexus Pillar – and/or to establish the degree you are disabled – the Impairment Pillar.  The second goal is to draw out the  “evidentiary gap” in your claim through a C&P exam. The evidentiary gap is the difference between what is IN the record, and how the VA SEES what is in the record.   If you are denied service 

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The Complex VA Claims Process

Secondary Service Connection VA Disability

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