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  • Vets, PTSD & Guns. Here

  • The VA Backlog-Here to Stay Here

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  • Using Medicare with your VA Benefits Here

  • SSDI & VA Compensation Here

  • Hearing Impairment More

  • Ischemic Heart Disease More

  • Veteran & Family To VA: "You can keep your darned money!" More

  • The Nexus Letter More

  • Help For Homeless and Poor Veterans More

  • Independent Medical Examinations and Your Claim More

  • "We want the VA out of our lives" VA fiduciary practices to be heard in court More

  • Five Best Practices More

  • The C & P Exam, The Ratings Veterans Services Representative (RVSR) is a primary decision maker of the outcome  More

  • Agent Orange: U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Ships in Vietnam More

  • This Service Bulletin contains the names of ships included in "Blue Water Navy Claims" More

  • Updated Navy and Coast Guard Ships Associated with Service in Vietnam and Exposure to Herbicide Agents Here
  • Agent Orange, Clearing the Confusion More

  • A Fayetteville VA Insider Describes the Mess More

  • Understanding Evidence and the Rating Letter More

  • The Electronic Time Bomb in the Pentagon More

  • Madigan Army Medical Center’s Restructuring More

  • Like the VA, Army Hospitals are Under Investigation  More

  • Little Known Tidbits from VA  More

  • For Those Special Cases of Unemployability   More

  • Corruption at Madigan Series More

  • Fighting VA Pension Fraud Aid & Attendance Scams Exposed  A series of articles on the exploitation of veterans More

  • VA Ratings for Hearing, More

  • It’s All About the Evidence, More

  • The VA is Bigger than Most Realize  More

  • Veteran’s Charities, or Scams?    More

  • Ordinary Info that Every One Screws Up! More

  • The Rating Schedule and Special Monthly Compensation More

  • Overcoming Common VA Errors to Win Your Claim More

  • Finding Supporting Evidence for Your VA Claim, More

  • VA Ratings-The Basics How does the VA come up with those wonderful percentages  More

  • Keeping Veterans' Claims Alive More

  • Screening for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder More

  • Widow Benefits, DIC and Pension  More
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Veterans newspaperVeterans newspaper
Veterans newspaperVeterans newspaperVeterans newspaper
Veterans newspaperVeterans newspaper

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  • State Claims Firm Rips off Aging Veterans More

  • Bill calls for DOD to publish toxic exposure evidence More

  • Rental assistance for veterans More

  • Senators vow to finish Aurora VA hospital, but are unsure where money will come from More

  • Tech industry to train, hire 90000 veterans More

  • Marine Veterans Remember Final Hours Of Vietnam War More

  • Military veterans plan to summit North America's tallest mountain in Memorial Day tribute More

  • VA Expands Choice Program Eligibility, Effective Immediately More

  • Peters Cosponsors Bill Designating National Guard, Reserve Retirees as Veterans More

  • VA in Tests to Make X-Rays, Other Images Available to Veterans OnlineMore

  • Number of Veterans Eligible for Private Medical Care Doubles More

  • Mortgage-free homes to be built for veterans in need More

  • Florida: Fraternity Expels 3 After Abuse of Veterans More
  • Florida Frat Suspended For Allegedly Abusing Veterans During Alcohol-Fueled Bender More

  • Tester fights to increase research for Agent Orange exposure More

  • Charges accuse former Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department investigator of being a fraud More

  • VA documents: Only three lost jobs due to scandal More
  • New Bill Would End ATF Collection of Race and Ethnicity Data More

  • Miami wants to predict when and where crime will occur More

  • Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution And Declaration Of Independence All Perpetuate Sexism More

  • CBO: Feds Taxing More, Spending More, Running Bigger Deficit in 2015 More

  • The freedom to discriminate is essential to liberty More

  • Obama ranks climate change among 'primary' threats to national security More

  • Documentary exposes cozy relationship between press and White House More

  • Minneapolis police records shed light on 2014 military training More

  • China's nuclear missile subs 'threaten USA'...  More

  • UN OFFICIAL: We should make every effort to depopulate the planet More
Do We Still Need Our Armed Forces When We Don’t Secure Our Own Borders? More
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Veterans benefts hekpVeterans benefts hekpVeterans benefts hekp
Veterans benefts hekpVeterans benefts hekp
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) App Helps Thousands More
Schram: Veterans' on-going battle for benefits More
Burr Blasts Disability Evaluation More
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Veterans benefits helpVeterans benefits helpVeterans benefits help
Veterans benefits helpVeterans benefits help
“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” — George Orwell
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  • Are You Getting the Social Security Special Credits You Should? More

  • Since it seems Bowe Bergdahl may be charged with desertion, If he ever stands trial, what do you think would be the appropriate punishment if he's found guilty? More

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  • Vietnam, War, Faces By Thom Stoddert, 2/17th Cav, 1970 More

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  • Jim Strickland-Got Questions? Get Answers. Here

  • Expectations By Bruce Salisbury Here

  • Will Apathy Kill Us? By Emery McClendon Here

My Thorn In the Flesh - A Vietnam Combat Veteran Speaks About PTSD, His Search for Inner Peace  and the Bible More
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  • Veterans' PTSD awareness efforts may save lives More

  • Obama promises benefits for wounded veterans More

  • Attrition: The Myths Of Suicide In The Military More
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Thom Stoddert - Former VA Rating Specialist
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